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Let Your Light Shine

by Arline Rowden, Reiki Master Teacher © 2003

You may wonder what you can do to make a difference in the world today. I know I have often pondered that question. Recently, one of my teachers, Michael Strelcheck, talked about the importance of sharing the Light energy that we can access through meditation with others by shining it into our environment. Reiki is another way to access higher vibrations of energy for yourself and others. Michael also shared that it is an important world service that we can all do and it is important in our individual and collective spiritual evolution. It was not a new concept to me but I started to see it in a new way.

Michael has taught classes about ageless wisdom for over 20 years. I first attended a class taught by him in 1993, while I was still living in Milwaukee. The class series was the Advanced Chakra and Using Your Light Body in Everyday Reality. When I moved here to the country between Stoughton and Edgerton in 1995, I began to attend his Focus classes (based on the Alice A. Bailey books, in Janesville. As I have worked with the concepts that he has taught over the years, I have come to value this information and continue to incorporate it into my life.

If we examine life around us, we can observe that earth is predominately a predatory planet. When we study about energy, we find that the main way people have been getting more energy, when they need it, has been to get it from other people. For the most part, this has not been in a conscious intentional way, it's just been a fact of life on earth. Fortunately, Earth is slowly evolving away from that type of consciousness.

When we meditate, we are able to access spiritual Light energy. Meditation gives us a better way to access the energy that we need for ourselves. Then we can even willingly share some of that Light energy with others. Meditation (and Reiki) also helps us to direct our focus into our heart centers where we can experience balance, harmony, inner strength, compassion, a sense of oneness, etc. Moving into our hearts is an important shift in human evolution. Considering the good of the group is easier and more natural there.

By focusing in our hearts more of the time, we will move towards considering the needs of others in a more loving and compassionate way. Humanity has been primarily self focused for a very long time. When we react based on our programming in the solar plexus (it's an energy center located directly under the diaphragm in the region of the stomach), the outcome is generally self serving. Conversely, when our actions are guided by our heart center with its group focus, we take a big leap forward on our spiritual path. As we shift from primarily self interest to more of a group focus, we will discover that we are living in a friendlier and more abundant world. Our attitudes can change and we more easily focus on abundance not lack. We begin to find the middle path of balance and harmony.

So how do you let your Light shine? First, you will meditate (or run Reiki or Light Body energy) to access and bring spiritual Light energy into yourself. (I recommend that you run your Reiki and/or Light Body energies whenever you meditate, if you have those abilities.) As you bring Light into yourself, you will receive all the Light that you personally need. Then continue to receive Light with the intention that the extra Light will begin to shine out into your environment, offering it to anyone who is open to it. You can also have the intention to place Light into your home or work environments, your business, special projects, causes that are dear to your heart.

It can be helpful to visualize that you have three areas within you that are being filled to over flowing with Light each time you meditate: your solar plexus, your heart center and your head center which is in the center of your head at the level of your eyes. (The solar plexus is the location of your unconscious which holds your instinctual programming. Your subconscious which holds your experiential wisdom is in your heart center. The conscious mind or thinker which makes choices is located in your head center.) Then you can visualize that extra Light flowing from these three areas. It's like having three suns radiating Light from within you. Focusing on these three suns helps you to harmonize your physical, emotional and mental bodies, too.

Once you are meditating, running your Reiki and/or Light Body energies most days, then you may want to focus on being a consistent Light in the world. This can be accomplished with intention. You could state your intention in a way similar to this but in your own words: "I intend to shine my Light 24/7 at a level that I can comfortably maintain and I intend to increase that level steadily day by day." When our Light is constant, a whole new level of spiritual experience and growth will begin to open up to us.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of the services that I offer is teaching others to access spiritual Light energy through meditation, Reiki and/or the Awakening Your Light Body course. I want to empower people on their spiritual path. My business name, Spiritual Energy Access Services, matches my intention for my spiritual expression in the world. And bringing more Light into ourselves and shining it into our environment will make a difference in the world.

If you are interested in letting your Light shine but feel the need for some support, guidance, etc., please email me to set up a spiritual mentoring session, meditation or Reiki session/class or to ask about the Awakening Your Light Body course. You may want to visit other pages in my website to read other articles that I have written in the past and see what classes are scheduled at this time. Also, you may be interested in my newest meditation CD "Focus on Awakening" with meditations for awakening your head and heart centers.

If you are interested in attending some beginning or intermediate classes by Michael Strelcheck, please see the following information and visit Earthsong website for dates, etc. Earthsong Books and Gifts is located at 2214 Kennedy Road in Janesville, WI. If you attend either of these classes, please tell Michael that you found out about the classes from Arline Rowden's website.