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Knowledge About the Etheric Body Can Be Useful to Reiki Practitioners

by Arline Rowden, Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Acupressure Practitioner & Teacher © May 2016

We have two physical bodies. One is the dense physical body that we can see and touch. The other is the etheric body which most people cannot currently see. The chakras, meridians and acupoints are all part of the structure of the etheric body. Vital earth energy and higher energies flow into the etheric body through the chakra system then throughout the body via the meridians and other etheric pathways. If energy is not flowing freely throughout the etheric body, then the result in the dense physical body, over time, could be dis-ease.

Prior to beginning to study acupressure in 2007, I had noticed, at times, I would feel guided to move my hands slightly at a Reiki hand position until I felt an internal ďclickĒ or better energy connection. After I learned a number of acupressure points, I realized that I was intuitively trying to line up with these points so Reiki was able to flow into the personís energy system more easily.

Itís been my experience that knowledge of chakras, acupressure points and meridians can be very helpful when doing Reiki on yourself or another. Just like chakras, acupoints are windows or doorways that allow energy into the body when we do Reiki. Reiki flows into the etheric body through the chakras and acupoints. I have found that allowing my Reiki to flow when I do acupressure enhances the experience. So I thought that being aware of the structure of the etheric body and adjusting hand positions could enhance the Reiki experience, too.

Iíve developed a new series of hand positions that focus on various acupoints to enhance Reiki. These new hand positions include how to do a full Reiki session without having the client turn over on the massage table. These new hand positions are now included in my Reiki I and beyond classes.

Reiki students can attend Reiki Workshops so they can give and receive Reiki using the new hand positions. One change is to focus on the bladder associated points on the back of the torso. Energy applied to these points flow through the nervous system throughout the body to the various organs.

In another Reiki workshop, we explored inner energy flows during meditation and self-Reiki and various exercises. Some of the inner energy flows might be identified as subpersonalities, programs, beliefs, etc. Focusing within while doing self-Reiki can facilitate getting to know ourselves at a deeper level. As we get better acquainted with ourselves, we will also better understand others.

A Reiki workshop is now available about the meridians. We are all familiar with doing hand positions in one area of the body and feeling Reiki flow to other areas of the body. So being aware of the various meridians can help us to better track energy flows in the body.

Iíve been teaching chakra courses since 2008. Studying the chakras is a journey of self-discovery for Reiki students and others. As we learn more about ourselves, we will come to know others in a deeper way.

Iíve long recommended ďAcupressureís Potent Points Ė A Guide to Self-CareÖĒ by Michael Reed Gach. It's a great resource book. Please donít use pressure on the acupoints when you do Reiki unless you have had acupresure training. Just hold your hands over the points and allow the Reiki to flow. I invite you to explore that book, attend a workshop, schedule a session, etc.

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Arline Rowden is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Acupressure practitioner and teacher.