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Testimonials from Students and Clients

of Arline Rowden, Reiki Master Teacher

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Exploring Our Chakras Testimonials

Exploring Our Chakras Testimonial: "The chakra classes offered by Arline Rowden are an awesome opportunity for the novice or the experienced chakra student to experience the energy of our energetic underlying "wireless nervous system". Using all our senses and abstract thinking it is possible to gain insights into why we do what we do or why we don't do something else. The group also creates an opportunity to see how each individual expresses or experiences the chakra at this moment and in everyday life and how that expression changes with insight and revelation in the group over time. Arline uses color, sound, music, dance, art, meditation, and intuition cards to help us explore each chakra’s energy. In a safe, nurturing and supportive space, Arline guides us to a deeper understanding. She is available and willing to help between sessions too, so you don't have to feel like something is left undone or a question unanswered. The course is well laid out with clear written materials to follow. The deeper sharing and relationships that can develop could change our life! There is nothing to do except be yourself and enjoy the time together focusing on a common idea and its many aspects."

Exploring Our Chakras Testimonial: "These classes are a series of instructional lessons on the chakra system. The instructor, Arline Rowden, uses age old information along with new age thoughts on this ancient energy system. Various methods are used to bring about awareness and balance to one’s own energy centers, or chakras, such as meditation, visualizations, art work, and freestyle dance movements to soundtracks uniquely designed to be in tune with the individual chakras."

"I look forward to these classes because I always come away with a sense of peace and wellbeing. I feel more in tune with myself and feel that I have more control over my life and the events in it. Many people feel that their lives are spinning out of control in this busy world, it’s nice to know that balance can be restored if we only look inside ourselves for the answers."

Exploring Our Chakras Testimonial: "I have recently been attending the chakra classes with Arline Rowden. I cannot express how much I have learned about my own spirituality and what makes me the person I am. We all have a path through life and Arline is there to help guide us. This experience has made me a better mother, wife, and friend. Thank You, Arline!"

Exploring Our Chakras Testimonial: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the chakra classes offered by Arline. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and has presented the classes in interesting and innovative ways. Each chakra has been presented using different methods throughout that class day. The combination of talk, mediation, dance, music, colors and writing has really helped me to get a better understanding of each chakra. If you have wondered what a chakra is and want to know more, I recommend you take these classes."

Exploring Our Chakras Testimonial: Testimonial from person who has taken all 3 levels of Exploring Our Chakras: "If I didn't have these classes I would not be as in touch with myself and my connection to the universe as I am now. The discussion we've had in class confirms that there are like-minded people around me. Sometimes I feel very isolated, thinking that I'm the only one interested in these subjects. I've formed some strong, supportive bonds through these classes. Your sessions are fun, inspirational and informative. What more could anyone ask from a class series?"

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Understanding Our Emotional Nature & Discovering the Emotional Core Testimonial:
When Arline told me about the Understanding Our Emotional Nature Classes I thought it would be a wonderful way to grow spiritually. However, at that time I was not ready nor was I prepared to do the work necessary to achieve it. A year later something came up that led me back to Arline for advice. Once again she mentioned the Emotional Processing Technique and how the core sessions could benefit me. I took this as a positive sign, so I decided to take the chance to work through issues that were undoubtedly preventing me from overcoming negative emotional patterns.

At first I was afraid of what I might find by dealing with my emotional issues directly and not just pretending they didn’t exist. Almost immediately these fears were replaced by a feeling of what I can only describe as a feeling of inner peace or awakening. Even though each theme affected me differently I always felt lighter, as if a gigantic weight was being lifted off my shoulders. Also, after each session I always experienced the feeling of increased energy that lasted a day or so after the session. After completing the sessions I have a better understanding of why I react the way I do and how to avoid these pitfalls in the future.

Arline was very patient and supportive. She always allowed adequate time during each session for me to ask any questions I needed to. She was always there to answer subsequent questions via e-mail or a phone call. She provided me with an atmosphere where I felt safe and where I could be open and honest about my emotional issues. I worked through more emotional issues using this spiritual and energetic process with Arline than I had been able to do just talking about the issues for several years.

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Spiritual Mentoring Testimonial:
"I first met Arline in her Chakra class, and then later met with her for Reiki and Spiritual guidance sessions. Coming from a more traditional healthcare background, Arline always met me where I was at, even if she was presenting concepts that were pushing my boundaries. She always managed to present her teachings, even if they were a bit esoteric at times, in a very grounded manner and in a way that made it easy to apply the concepts to real life. Arline’s knowledge is amazing and her own self-practices are evident. How can one not feel safe and loved in Arline’s company with her huge smile, big hugs, and kind-hearted laughter. Arline is a gifted teacher, practitioner and guide, and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to dive in and truly connect to themselves and our world. My deepest gratitude."

Spiritual Mentoring Testimonial:
"Thank you so much for offering a spiritual mentoring/energy work session today. There are many people who offer energy work or psychic reading but it is very difficult to find someone who is offering spiritual mentoring and I found your service very valuable. I was going through a difficult time dealing with issues brought by my recent and rapid spiritual growth and I needed to talk to someone who would listen to me and understand my unique situation. Your ideas truly helped me to be open to all the possibilities and consider new options that I never thought of before. I also loved your energy work, which was a perfect complement to the spiritual mentoring. I believe the universe/spirit guides sent me to you today because they knew you could help me. I feel uplifted and am looking forward to finding out how my future is going to unfold. Thank you."

Spiritual Mentoring Testimonial:
"I have been fortunate enough to work with Arline Rowden for over four years in a spiritual mentoring relationship. Arline has been teacher, coach, and mentor; guiding me along as my own spiritual journey unfolded. She has many years of experience and learnings, and had shared her knowledge and insights most generously. She has opened the door for me to explore new paths for greater spiritual connection, and has facilitated many wonderful meditations. As a result, I have experienced some significant shifts of stuck stuff, and have grown overall through the process. I feel very blessed and grateful for all that Arline has brought into my life, and I look forward to more in the future."

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Meditation Testimonial:
"Arline, I want to let you know how valuable your meditation tapes have been to me. I listened to them all night, the night of my surgery. The doctor was amazed at how well I was doing the morning after my surgery. I told him that I listened to meditation tapes all night! He said he would have to suggest that to his other patients. Whenever the pain at home has become unbearable, I've gone straight to your tapes. Thank you so much!!"

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Testimonial - Seva Stress Release Self Care Class

(By E.W. 4 days after Seva class on June 8, 2010) For the past couple of decades I have searched for something to help me to slow down and relieve anxiety. I have gone to counselors, been put on different medications, tried yoga, meditation, acupuncture, essentially you name it, I tried it. Nothing could relieve the anxiety of today's fast paced world. The inability to slow down led to my endocrine system being totally wiped out, continued high stress and the inability to relieve stress and constant dependence on sleep aids.

Then I saw Arline's invitation to take the Seva Stress Relief class. I decided it was worth a try and I'm so glad I did. I cannot say enough about the Seva Stress Relief and Arline's gifted ability to teach. Not only did I see quick results, but the Seva protocol is one that I do as soon as I get home. I instantly was able to be calm, think clearly and sleep! All of this, with no medication needed. Each day after work, I start my evening with Seva. During the work day, when things get hectic, I can always find time to do the Seva Stress Relief. It works every time. I encourage you to try it, you will never stop doing it after your first session. I now am able to meditate, do yoga etc... and have seen instant health benefits in all areas of my life.

(Additional testimonial from E.W. after doing Seva daily for 2+ weeks) Even though challenges do arise from time to time, when they do, and I start to feel anxiety, I excuse myself for a 10 minute break, do the Seva and then I am returned to a calm state of mind and can deal with the issue at hand. I don't have to get worked up, I don't have to get flustered, and you know what, I can much more easily handle the situation and feel empowered by it afterwards. It gives me back my sense of personal power and it is a very positive way to deal with something that is stressful. I deserve that!

Note from Arline Rowden: Everyone's experience with Seva is unique but the above testimonial gives you an idea of what may be possible for you if you use the Seva Self Care on a regular basis.

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!!SEVA - Stress Release Acupressure Protocol!!

Acupressure helps the body to activate its own recuperative abilities and assists in diminishing congestion. The free flow of the body's vital energy is enhanced by applying hand or finger pressure to specific conductive or energetic points on the body during an acupressure session.

SEVA is a Sanskrit word meaning service to those who are suffering. This SEVA protocol is effective in bringing balance to the body in cases of stress or trauma. It was developed after September 11, 2001 by Process Acupressure Practitioners to help deal with stress.

The SEVA Protocol accesses 12 meridians in the body as developed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These are: Small Intestine, Bladder, Stomach, Lung, Liver, Pericardium, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Heart, Kidney, Triple Warmer and Large Intestine. Two extraordinary flows are also accessed: Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel.

The SEVA - Stress Release Protocol takes about 20 minutes and is available at the beginning of a 90 minute Reiki session or as a 45 minute acupressure/Reiki session at my home office. A chakra alignment is included with this protocol. Please let me know you want to have the stress release acupressure protocol when you make your appointment for the Reiki session. You will be receiving Reiki during the acupressure protocol, too. The protocol could also be scheduled as part of a mentoring session, if you request it. Please call or email to schedule your appointment. Please see Reiki sessions and classes page for fee information.

Stress Release Acupressure Session Testimonials:

"Loved the Stress Release Acupressure! When I first arrived, my shoulder blades were up around my ears! When I was done with the protocol, my shoulders felt relaxed and back to normal."

"I recently had a session of Stress Release Acupressure from Arline. It was very timely as I was experiencing a lot of physical effects from stress and anxiety in preparation for an event I was traveling to in Oregon. As usual, Arline’s touch was very comforting. Compared to other acupressure I’ve had, this was a very light touch and very relaxing. I was able to recall the soothing experience through the events of my trip, and it continues to give me an overall release of negative energy. Please treat yourself with a peaceful healing session with Arline!"

"I found the acupressure sessions to be extremely helpful in helping me to get centered and grounded again during a period of extreme stress in my life. I especially liked the "old baggage" release part of it involving releasing old junk out of your shoulders and the neck segment of it (I have lots of neck problems from my shoulder issues). Arline was very gentle and caring during the session and I felt she did the sessions very expertly and competently. I would highly recommend this method to anyone, not just those experiencing stress. It is very relaxing and comforting."

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Reiki Testimonials

“My hubby loved his Reiki mini-session last night and I have to tell you, the tensions I've carried in my neck & shoulders for decades are gone. Years of chiropractic couldn't do what Reiki does in 30 minutes--awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.....I enjoyed the class very much, the orderly presentation, clear information and demonstration were great. I've left other classes feeling less than confident or unsure how to use the tools given me, but not this time. Thank you for helping me take a giant step forward on my journey of personal transformation.”
(From a client shortly after taking Reiki I.)

"When asked, I generally explain Reiki is a hands-on healing technique. This is far too simple an explanation! Meditation, controlled breathing and gentle, non-invasive touch acts to channel powerful healing energies. In my experience, Reiki affects me just as profoundly as it does the person I work on during a healing session. I am very grateful for the sense of peace and well-being evoked in me even as I prepare for a healing session. Reiki has expanded my awareness not only of myself, but also evokes a renewed sensitivity to anyone else I encounter in all phases of my life. It is impossible for me to practice Reiki on anyone (including myself) when I am feeling angry, impatient, or even self-indulgent. The energy raises my focus and sensitivity to such a degree that such ‘lower’ emotions seem clearly unworthy and are easily discarded. My favorite Reiki invocation is “in healing we are healed…”"
(From a client who's a Reiki Master Teacher.)

"I have been a student of healing all my life. Reiki is the most powerful form of healing I have found. In my own experience, deep seated feelings of inferiority have been replaced by increasing self acceptance and self confidence as a result of performing Reiki on myself.

Even more exciting are the healing effects experienced by others for whom I have done Reiki. I have repeatedly observed that anxiety is calmed and then replaced with deep relaxation. In addition, chronic physical and mental conditions of many years duration which had been unresponsive to other forms of spiritual healing and to conventional medical treatment are beginning to yield as I approach them with Reiki.

Some people for whom I have prayed have sought help from other sources to no avail and are very desperate. It has been difficult at times not to be hindered by fear in the face of my own inadequacies when seeing the great need of these dear people and feeling my own heartfelt desire to help them. I find it very liberating that the practice of Reiki does not depend upon my internal emotional state or level of spiritual advancement. I can hardly express my joy at finding this form of healing, at once so gentle and so effective."
(From a client who's a Reiki Master Practitioner.)

"Being a Reiki student has brought change into my life on so many levels. Reiki is a wonderful tool that I use to assist my body in the healing process, whether it is emotional or physical healing that may be need. It helps me to remove the negative energy, blockages, and stress in my life, which in turn promotes the natural balance and atmosphere needed for my body to flourish and heal. I also use Reiki to assist others in finding that same balance and healing, and it has been simply amazing, as well as incredibly rewarding, to see the reactions of friends and loved ones that I have done a Reiki session for.

Learning Reiki has given me a more compassionate feeling towards others, as well as a great sense of self-love and acceptance which had been missing from my life for so long. It has expanded my awareness, and has helped me to step back and take a look at what is truly important in my life. Practicing Reiki has begun the total healing process of my mind, body and spirit, and will be a part of life forever"
(From a client who's a Reiki II Practitioner.)

"I just wanted to touch base with you and share my feelings a bit. I was walking down the hall today and realized that I actually feel taller and lighter on my feet! Lighter and taller really sort of sums it up. Does that make sense? This week I've noticed that I am less anxious and the constant nagging feeling that "something just isn't right" seems to be missing... It's always sort of just sat there in my subconscious, nagging at me. Whenever I would begin to feel happy, it would always remind me that I wasn't quite there, or that I couldn't quite get there - yet. Anyway, I feel calmer, more easily centered if I leave center (which really hasn't happened too much) and less willing, or maybe just more resistant to taking on others issues and then giving them my energy. I feel good."
(From a client about one week after doing some process work during a Reiki session. The issue had been a very long standing one and the client had worked on it in other ways and had made some progress prior to the session.)

"Since I began utilizing Reiki in my life, many changes have occurred for me. So many of my old behaviors and attitudes have mellowed because the effects of Reiki reach far beyond the treatment session or the attunement process. I used to be a very high-strung person who carried her stresses around in her body. Consequently, my attitude about life and my sense of connection with the world around me suffered. But since integrating Reiki in my life, I can step back from stressful situations and handle them from a more detached and loving perspective.

Physically, Reiki has greatly enhanced my immune system and my overall energy levels. Before Reiki, I had annual bouts of the flu and pneumonia. I am happy to say that I haven't needed a prescription for over four years now. Also, my overall energy levels are higher and more consistent because my mind and spirit are healthier now, too."
(From a client who is now a Reiki Master Teacher.)

"As a Massage Therapist I find that many of my clients are not only hurting on a physical level but, on a soul level as well. Reiki has helped me to soothe the spirit while massage soothes the body. The combination can't be beat. My clientele includes housewives, farmers, body builders, professionals, blue collar workers and students. My youngest client is 8 and my oldest client is 90. I use Reiki on myself as well, every day. When aches and pains pop up, just a few minutes of Reiki helps the energy to flow and the discomfort to go away. Also, Reiki is a great way to drift off into sleep at night. Seek out a massage therapist who is Reiki attunded and find the joy within."
(From a massage therapist who's also Reiki II.)

"Since I received the Master's level attunement, I feel full. I am no longer looking around for how I can be filled with energy. I use the Reiki on a daily basis for reducing the rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. My hands seem to become very warm as I rub them together. I put them on the stiff or warm joint and ask the universe to supply the necessary energy to help the joint be comfortable. When my hands cool down, I know that there is everything I need in that joint. I have shown this technique to so many others. Some have chronic pain also. No it does not cure the inflammation, but Reiki does make my life a lot more livable. Thanks again for being a part of my self healing. You have shown me how to take the time to bring the universal love to me."
(From a client who's a Reiki Master Teacher.)