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Timeouts Are Not Just For Kids!
They can help adults to be thoughtful before we respond to others and not be reactive.

by Arline Rowden, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentor & Certified Acupressure Practitioner & Teacher © July 2016

We often hear parents of young children talk about using timeouts with their child. Of course, for children the purpose of a timeout is not to punish the child. Itís meant to give the child a moment away from an emotional situation so they can calm down. It also probably gives the parent a few moments to do some deep breathing and to relax, too. There is controversy about timeouts for kids but it seems that a great many parents use them.

Have you ever had a time when you said or did something that you regretted because you were emotional and not thinking in a rational way? Did you just react? I would guess that most of us human beings have done this probably more than once. Have these reactive expressions had a negative impact on your relationships with others? So what is a person to do?

Could a timeout be helpful for adults? The adult would have to assign a timeout to themselves since weíll assume they are no longer living with their parents. Of course, I believe that we all have inner child parts and parent parts alive inside of us. So I guess our healthy parent would assign a timeout for our unhappy child part. This is also an opportunity for us to use our creativity as we work within ourselves. We can have the various parts dialog with each other.

Emotional healing has been a big focus for me over the years. Iíve learned to take a time out in various situations. It was to give myself a chance to go inside and discover what was causing me to feel emotional. The cause was inside of myself even though something outside of me triggered it. I needed to go into my emotional history to discover the cause. Taking the time out would help me to not to say or do something that I would regret later.

I realized that once I was already feeling quite emotional it was almost impossible to step away from the outer situation that triggered my feelings. I needed to be able to notice my physical sensations that were present prior to feeling quite emotional. My body would always give me a heads up about how it was doing in a situation. It was a type of communication from my body. If I could notice and receive the communication, I could give myself a time out.

Since 2004, Iíve been studying about the emotional nature through the ageless wisdom teachings. It is part of my spiritual path. I feel emotional healing has allowed me to be on a spiritual path. Itís difficult or even impossible to be peaceful within if one is in a lot of emotional pain. All that Iíve learned and all the emotional healing that Iíve experienced has motivated me to share what Iíve learned with others.

In Chinese Medicine, they talk about the only job of the Heart is to be an open vessel for spirit. The heart needs to be calm and peaceful for the spirit birds (The Shen Birds) to come and rest in the Heart. At this time in human evolution, moving into the Heart is a huge focus for people consciously on their spiritual path. I feel that emotional healing helps us to move into our Hearts.

I invite you to go within and see if you are ready for your next step forward into or more fully into your Heart. If so, and you would like support while doing this, please email me to set up a time to talk on the phone about sessions or classes that could be helpful on your journey. Sending you blessings on your path and peace to your heart.

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Arline Rowden is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Acupressure practitioner and teacher.