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Understanding Our Emotional Nature & Behaviors Class in Janesville, Wisconsin

Understanding Our Emotional Nature & Identifying and Working with Emotional Behaviors

We will examine some of the more familiar emotional behaviors that all individuals instinctively inherit. According to the Ageless Wisdom Traditions humans, by nature, share similar patterns of emotional reactions that have been unconsciously developed and instinctively passed-on. Fortunately, these behaviors, and their purpose, are understandable and through their study one can learn how to constructively work with them as well as successfully adjust their expression.

In this 4 to 5 hour class we will explore how the human instinctive energy of fear and desire shapes one's emotional behaviors and thought perceptions. We'll look at control and victim behaviors as well as behaviors that result from the need for power and the need to reject power.

For cost and schedule, please see the events calendar & fee pages and/or contact Arline.

Note: Arline has been studying the emotional nature with Michael Strelcheck since 2004.

The information given in the emotional nature classes or sessions provide a way to learn more about ourselves and how we really feel. Then we can make more informed choices and improve our relationships, especially our relationship with ourselves. You might also want to try a process acupressure session.