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Background Information for Arline Rowden, Reiki Master Teacher


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Arline E. Rowden

Arline consciously began her spiritual journey in 1976. In 1977, she began to meditate as a way to cope with stress and to discover more meaning in life. Beginning in the mid 1980's, Arline started to facilitate guided imagery meditations for others and began teaching others to meditate, too. After taking Reiki I in 1987, she began to facilitate Reiki sessions for others and started to teach Reiki classes in 1990 after becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. Arline took Reiki I from Nancy Retzlaff (Milwaukee, WI). Kathleen Milner (currently in NC) was her Reiki level II and Reiki Master level teacher. Since then around 900 people have taken one or more of the three levels of Reiki from Arline.

In 1992, Arline began to teach the Awakening Your Light Body Course. Arline, also, offered Reiki sessions and classes at Meriter Hospital in Madison for over two years starting in 2000. Emotional Nature sessions and classes, three levels of in depth Chakra classes and SEVA (Stress Release) acupressure are more recent offerings. When Arline Rowden started her own business on August 1, 1990, she wanted to offer services which would empower and support others on their spiritual journey. Her intention is to draw to her those who can be best served by what she has to offer and that she will continue to learn and grow as a result of her interaction with those she serves. Arline also continues to study with a spiritual teacher, Michael Strelcheck, at Earthsong in Janesville to focus on balance between being a teacher and being a student.

Arline Rowden completed her Clinical Acupressure Certification in August 2012 and completed Process Acupressure Certification in January 2017.

Relevant courses other than Reiki & Acupressure that Arline has taken are:
1) Support Group Facilitator Training by Claire Beaumont, Unity Minister, in 1985 and Cheryl Orgas, Counseling Center of Milwaukee, in 1990;
2) Awakening Your Light Body and Emotional Body Balancing Courses by Maia Author (Judy Reis) in 1991 & 1992;
3) Radiance Seminars by Duane Packer & Sanaya Roman of LuminEssence Productions in 1992, 1994 & 1998;
4) Advanced Healing of the Chakra System by Michael Strelcheck in 1993;
5) CranioSacral Therapy I by Upledger Institute in 2000;
6) Emotional Processing Technique Classes by Michael Strelcheck in 2004 & 2005;
7) Various Esoteric Classes by International Teacher & Author, William Meader, in 2006 thru 2009;
8) Alternate Monday evening Focus Classes for spiritual and emotional growth and healing by Michael Strelcheck 1995 to present (based on Ageless Wisdom or Esoteric Teachings especially the Alice A. Bailey books from Tibetan Master Khul;
9) Tuesday evening classes for exploring ancient mysteries by Michael Strelcheck 2009 to 2014 and 2017 to present.

On June 21, 2008, Arline Rowden has renamed her business Rowden Personality Alignment Systems, LLC. After almost 18 years as Spiritual Energy Access Services, the name reflects a new stage of development for her business.

Traditional Wisdom explains that our personality includes our physical, (both dense & etheric) emotional & mental natures. When the various parts of our personality are in alignment we have a coordinated personality. A coordinated personality is considered a necessary stage of development on our path to enlightenment.

In the Traditions, all of the stages of development are equally important to our Higher Self or Divine Soul and they are all part of our spiritual path. Even when we are not aware of the "Light Within" and our "Creative Source," it is there inspiring us to move forward. That Divine Spark of "Light" within is expanding slowly.

At a certain stage of development we can begin to accelerate that expansion. When we have a desire to be the best person we can be and want to contribute to the world being a better place, then we are ready to move forward more rapidly.

Many people are awakening to their spiritual life but aren't sure how to resolve issues that are keeping them stuck in old self-defeating patterns. Often we are aware of the patterns but are unable to shift on our own. Sometimes stress gets in our way and must be dealt with first.

So Arline Rowden has developed various tracks that you can choose from to assist you on your path. Some tracks are focused on individual sessions and others on group experiences. Group energy can accelerate personal awareness and growth, but sometimes individual work is more appropriate.

Arline brings over 30 years of experience in personal and spiritual development into these systems. She brings her experience with meditation, support group facilitation, Reiki, chakras, Spiritual Mentoring, Light Body, acupressure, emotional nature facilitation and Ageless Wisdom Teachings into these systems. She also brings her experience from 26 years in business. Completing that phase of her life experience as a Cost & Budget Analyst in June 1990.

Individual Tracks can include Meditation, Acupressure (Clincal & Process), Spiritual Mentoring, Emotional Nature Reiki and Chakra Sessions.

Tracks for group experiences are:
1) Meditation Classes
2) Exploring Our Chakras Classes
3) Spiritual Mentoring Classes
4) Emotional Nature Classes
5) Reiki Classes

Please visit the other pages in this website for more information. Also, email Arline Rowden to determine what might be the most appropriate track for you at this time.