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Words Matter!

by Michael Strelcheck - talk given at the November 12, 2016 Gathering in Janesville WI

The human voice is one of our greatest gifts, and when linked to our mind; it presents an extraordinary mode of communication through the act of speech. As we all know, what others say to us matters and can rouse us to action or cut the legs out from under us. Is there some unknown “power” that’s magically conveyed through words? The Ageless Wisdom Teachers say yes!

Words matter! According to these ancient teachings the basis for all manifested matter and phenomena is sound vibration (as was presented at the gathering in Cymatics video). The Teachings take this fact further by claiming that the enunciated sound, or words that are spoken with the “power of convictions,” can literally shape physical matter – in the moment!

As science has proved, everything that exists in the world is made up of atoms. These microscopic building blocks all “vibrate” and are sensitive to invisible vibrational energies around them. This vibration, or sound in its audible form, travels in invisible waves that impact atoms and cause them to vibrate in harmony with them. You’ll probably recall back in science class when your teacher showed you how, when you had two tuning forks side-by-side, that when you strike one, and it begins to hum and vibrate, within seconds the other tuning fork starts to vibrate and hum in harmony with the first. Although you couldn’t see anything touching the second tuning fork, it “magically” reacted to the struck fork’s sound vibration.

Many of us have seen the video (DVD or You Tube) where a person angrily yells at a glass of water, and as they do, the water is “flash” frozen in place. Then we see a close up of the frozen water crystals under a microscope with all of them being misshapen and unsymmetrical. Then the person speaks lovingly to another glass of water which is also frozen, but in this case we see under the microscope that the water has formed beautiful crystals that are symmetrical and beautiful. Vibrational experiments like these clearly demonstrate the impact sounds have on material elements, but what’s lost in these simple demonstrations is the greater manifesting power of the “directed” human voice.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul suggests that atoms are actually tiny living “beings” who are easily directed through sound vibrations. He writes, “Every Word affects the angelic kingdom, which is the form-building creatures of manifestation. No sound is ever made without producing a corresponding response in earthly substance driving multitudes of tiny lives (atoms) to take specific forms. The spiritual aspirant has to learn how to control his speech every minute of every day.”

In Metaphysical practice, the student learns to make sounds consciously, and thus produce a studied and desired result, to utter words, and notice how they impact things around them. Obviously, this takes a concentrated effort, but in time one learns what intentionally spoken words motivate others and what words seem to aggravate them. Surprisingly, your spoken words also affect the other kingdoms of the earth (animal, vegetable and mineral) as well as the very atmosphere for all are made up of atoms.

If you doubt this to be true, I would have you think back to a recent moment when you asked someone to hand you something (like a cup or a pen). You probably didn’t even think about their action when they handed you what you asked for, but it was through your words (said with a specific intention) that caused the immediate manifestation of what you wanted! Another example of the power of speech, and its ability to make something happen occurred just minutes ago when I asked for help to hand out this paper. How many times have you asked for assistance from others and have taken their action for granted not realizing that it was your words that caused that help to happen?

Your Words Affect You and Your Environment

Since your voice directly causes the physical matter in things to react, it’s important to take some time and consider what words are the most important to you so that you can use them intentionally, and with purpose. The thing to always remember is that what you say affects the things around you; people, animals, plants, minerals and even the atmosphere – and you as well (since your body is made up with atoms).

You may not realize it, but right now you have the power to transform your life simply by using your voice! We start making “positive magic” happen by deciding on our own power words, those that reflect our highest aspirations. Because these words are important to us they naturally carry our intention for “betterment” and thus inspire all matter (within ear shot) to reflect those intentions. Then we “thoughtfully” inject these words in our daily interactions and conversations, and notice how others (as well as nature) respond.

What are the words we use on a day to day basis that will help build the positive life we crave? Vibrationally speaking, the words you use to express unity and cooperation are naturally the most positive, whereas the opposite of those that express limitation and rejection can be the most negative and destructive. For example (and feel the difference):

Positive effects Negative effects Loving Hateful Caring Mean Connected Separate Together Alone Thankful Selfish


The impact of single words can be very obvious at times, but there’s even more power in words that are united to create phrases. There are some classic phrases that have been used by metaphysicians for many centuries, although these may be a little hard to work into your conversations with others, you can also use them when you talk to yourself or your environment. The Traditional phrases below, said with concentrated purpose, carry Spiritual vibrations which have a strong loving effect and will effectively invoke cooperation from matter.

“Harmonize my mental focus” – brings the mind to a point of powerful concentration.

“Bring peace, calm and harmony” – brings wellbeing to the overall nature.

“Into calm” – transforms the moment into a positive place.

“Kindness, patience, love” – inspires divine attributes in one’s personality.

“Go in peace” – a blessing which leaves a situation in a positive place.

For example, “into calm” above can be used like this; ‘My life moves – into calm – and I am relaxed.” Another example, “As I enter – bring peace, calm and harmony – and let it fill this place.” Or “I – go in peace – leaving behind harmony.”

Say the phrases as complete statements, pausing before and after when in a sentence. Of course, when we use these phrasings we say them with sincere intent related to what the words mean.

The following Traditional phrases are said to carry the vibration of God, which means they are very impactful on things and automatically lift their vibration. These phrases are expressed with intent to evoke or willfully “direct” one’s environment as a Soul (which includes their physical nature as well).

“In love and light” – immediately lifts any and everything within ear shot.

“Replace it with harmony” - transforms environments of confusion, chaos, or unhappiness.

“Serenity be mine” – beings a sense of peace and inner quiet to the environment.

“That shine forth” – brings divine vitality and expression to any situation.

All of the phrases need only to be softly spoken, even whispering them creates the vibration needed. Give these a try and notice what happens!

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I've studied the Ageless Wisdom Teachings with Michael Strelcheck since 1993. He gave me permission to share this information with others.

Michael Strelcheck is Co-owner of EARTHSONG BOOKS AND GIFTS in Janesville, WI and owner of ALEXANDER PUBLISHING. Mike is actively involved in promoting health-related endeavors. Mike is a life-long student of philosophy and metaphysics. He is a nationally known author and teacher in the fields of spiritual growth and emotional healing. Michael spent 6 years studying and teaching spiritual awareness with the Roscicrucian Order, AMORC and another 4 years studying esoteric science with the Arcane School in New York, NY. With his deep background in the spiritual sciences, Michael has developed a unique ability to help heal and assist others to find meaning in their life's experience. Be sure to pick up a copy of Mike's books "LIFE'S LITTLE INSIGHTS" OR "METAPHYSICAL PERSPECTIVES" at Earthsong or through Life Visions. They are a delightful collection of his articles. Michael provides the following services: Life Path Consulting, Dream Analysis, Regression Healings, Emotional Processing Technique, Lectures and Workshops. Call Michael at Life Visions 608-756-0716 for appointments or information.